The Colors by Number interface is divided into a central display area flanked by control panels that provide multiple options for viewing, defining, adjusting and managing selected color sets. Form – follows – function.

View / Save (center panel)

  • Cycle through billions* of combinations of four colors generated in either Manual or Auto mode (where colors change every three seconds – a progress bar monitors the loading of each new color set)
  • View color combinations against your choice of three background colors (gray, black or white)
  • Toggle back and forth between (10) interchangeable geometric forms to view colors surrounding, adjoining and / or layered on top of one another
  • Each design is comprised of four distinct color areas arranged and identified in numbered, overlapping layers
  • Colors by Number is programmed such that no two colors can ever be the same within a given four-color combination
  • Back and Forward buttons allow you to review your entire session history, one step at a time
  • Eyedropper function for sampling and capturing colors generated in the central display panel; any of the colors in the resulting palette(s) can be selected and dropped onto individual color sliders in the right-hand control panel
  • Option to hide left and right control panels (try hiding both control panels, select Auto mode and see what happens next!)
  • Save as many of your color selections as you like – for editing, printing, sharing, or exporting for use in other applications

Select / Adjust (right-hand panel)

  • All color values are defined in RGB, HSB and Hexadecimal color models including alpha channel (transparency) values
  • Adjust individual color values, either by direct text input or by adjusting slider controls – changes are reflected in real time in color blocks associated with the controls and in the main (center) display area
  • Any number of the four colors in a given form can be locked to prevent that color (or colors) from changing – by tapping once on its corresponding small color block; tapping again unlocks the color(s)
  • Tapping twice on a small color block in the right-hand control panel brings up a Visual Color Selector where you can choose to edit or replace an existing color
  • Info button provides access to Colors by Number’s video tutorial, website, blog and social network pages

Edit / Manage / Export (left-hand panel)

  • View your entire session-specific history recorded from generated color / form selections, slider adjustments, text inputs or saved palette / form retrievals
  • Store an unlimited number of selections in a Library that can be retrieved even after the app has been quit and restarted; color selections stored in the Library include dates created and last modified
  • Print multiple selections with color data and associated thumbnail images to AirPrint-enabled printers
  • Edit: review, add, delete or modify your Saved and Library selections at any time
  • Export multiple, saved color selections as Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) or Image files through iTunes and email – all selections exported via email include thumbnail images with numbered color areas and color data including alpha channel values
  • Share saved color / form selections via email, or post them on your Twitter or Facebook pages