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The Colors of Phi

Many of us, from designers and architects to engineers and technical traders interested in the Fibonacci sequence, are familiar with the rounded-off representation of Phi (Φ) as 1.618. Phi is calculated as (1 + √5) / 2 while its counterpart phi (φ) has the value (√5 - 1) / 2. As an irrational number, decimal expansions of Phi neither terminate nor become periodic (repeating a fixed cycle of digits).

Here is the decimal value of phi (read as ordinary text, beginning with 0.618033988749...) expanded out to 2016 places and grouped in chunks of six digits, each accompanied by its hexidecimal color equivalent. You won't find repeating patterns anywhere in either the digits or their corresponding colors.

Not convinced? Here are four additional illustrations, in sequential increments of 2016 decimal places each:
2017-4032 | 4033-6048 | 6049-8064 | 8065-10080







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