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Billions of color combinations? Really?

Actually billions of billions, and here's why: The four, distinct color areas in each of Colors by Number's seven graphic patterns act independently of one another. In the RGB model, each color is made up of separate Red, Green and Blue channels that are defined by one of 256 values between 0 and 255. So, based on 256 * 256 * 256, each color has one of 16,777,216 possible sets of RGB values.

But we've programmed Colors by Number so that no two color areas in any combination of four colors can have exactly the same sets of values at the same time. Therefore, 16,777,216 * 16,777,216 * 16,777,216 * 16,777,216 gives us the actual number of possible combinations of four colors, with no duplicates.

Color forever? Well, practically.

So how long might it take to cycle through every possible combination in Auto mode where color sets are programmed to change every three seconds? Let's look at the arithmetic. Every three seconds / 20 times each minute / 1200 times an hour / 28,800 times a day / 10,512,000 times every 365 days.How many years would it take to view all of them? Divide the total number of possible color combinations (16,777,216 ^ 4) by 10,512,000 – a very, very long time.


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