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Colors by Number is an advanced color discovery tool for artists, design professionals, developers and color enthusiasts. It is also a teaching tool for introducing students to the nuances of color theory and its application as an immediate, personal experience.

Colors by Number offers multiple means of viewing, manipulating, saving and exporting selections from billions* of unique color combinations displayed in your choice of 10 different geometric forms through an intuitive and customizable interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Colors by Number?
Colors by Number defines colors in alphanumeric values (A-F, 0-9) through standard color models (RGB, HSB and Hexidecimal) to enable and encourage the articulation, replication and sharing of unique color combinations.

Who is using Colors by Number?
Colors by Number is used by design professionals, visual artists, developers, teachers, students and color enthusiasts in general – to complement the ongoing discovery and use of color in the mediums and applications of their choice – in the studio, the office, at home, in the classroom and beyond.

Is there a video tutorial that demonstrates how the app works?
There is a Colors by Number video tutorial in HD that walks you through the app's features and functions in detail. The tutorial (8:35) is organized in three segments: View / Save, Select / Manipulate, and Edit / Manage / Export.

Does Colors by Number provide an easy "system" for coming up with color schemes?
Yes, and no. Colors by Number neither implies nor attempts any kind of systematic approach to exploring or explaining the interaction of color. Colors by Number acknowledges the inherent unpredictability and peronal nature of color perception by generating random combinations of four (4) colors that you are free to edit at will in any of (10) different designs or "themes." Colors by Number provides a robust selection of tools for you to use in creating unique color schemes – the rest is up to you.

Is there a way to share my color selections with others?
Yes, Colors by Number provides an easy way to share your selections through email or by posting them on your Twitter or Facebook pages. You can also export your colors and designs for use in other applications – as image or ASE files through iTunes or email. Each selection is accompanied by its color data.

Can I print my favorite colors and designs?
Yes, you can print multiple selections to any AirPrint-enabled printer.

How many color selections can I save?
You can store an unlimited number of selections in the Library; these can be retrieved even after Colors by Number has been quit and restarted. Selections stored in the Library display dates created and last modified.

Can I "lock" or prevent certain colors from changing?
Yes, any number of the (4) colors in a given design can be locked by tapping once on its corresponding small color block (a small lock icon will appear on the color block); tapping the block again unlocks that color. Note: tapping one of the small color blocks twice brings up the app's visual color selector where you can choose to edit a color by selecting points in color spectrum and tint displays.

Is an educational discount available?
Yes, we participate in Apple Education Pricing and the Apple Volume Purchase Program which allows qualified educational institutions to purchase and distribute iOS apps in volume at a discounted price.

Has Colors by Number been covered by any of the popular review sites?
Yes, you can find reviews of Colors by Number on a number of such sites. For instance, AppCraver recently reviewed and selected Colors by Number as Editor's Pick, AppCraver Hall of Fame and has since included Colors by Number in its list of Best Education Apps in the App Store.


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*Yes, billions of color combinations

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